content boxOne of our favorite bloggers David Siteman Garland over at recently published a video titled, “RISE #23: How To Make Your Website More Sharable & Spreadable“. In the video David outlined 8 strategies for increasing share-ability of a website. The first strategy is to update content. We feel this point is so important it required further discussion. So we ask, how will you produce Fresh, Relevant Content?

Before we answer this question, lets get a better understanding of what constitutes Fresh, Relevant Content.


Fresh ContentAfter explaining the value of fresh content to our clients, most tend to migrate towards the idea of “re-purposing” existing content. For example, take an article from another site in their industry and re-write or fluff it and then re-publish. This is NOT fresh content. There is no problem taking an existing concept or idea and developing an original piece with your perspective clearly outlined, but simply paraphrasing an existing piece isn’t going to produce optimal share-ability. Plain and simple, regurgitated crap is still crap. Be original.


Relevant ContentRelevancy revolves around three attributes: audience, topic and time. One of my favorite examples of relevancy are highway signs listing food/gas locations at each exit. The signs are completely irrelevant until drivers need one of the locations on the signs. The audience are drivers, the topic is food/gas and the time is at-need. All three attributes combine to bring the driver and the location together.


Unique ContentContent isn’t limited to text. Video and audio are the fastest growing mediums online, and as the adage goes a picture says a thousand words. The added benefit to creating non-text based content is that it doesn’t live in a vacuum as text tends to. Videos, audio files and images are very share-able and tend to engage your audience more. For example, one of our clients using video content experienced a 287% increase in time spent on their site.

How will you produce Fresh, Relevant Content? Easy…!

By doing this:
Create media that is important to your audience, the subject at hand and appropriate to the moment.

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