Google BuzzGoogle recently unveiled a social addition to it’s highly popular Gmail client, Google Buzz. Google Buzz is similar to FriendFeed in that it appears to be a social aggregator, and supports cross distribution/consumption of content to popular sites like Flickr, Picasa, Google Reader, and Twitter.

We believe Google Buzz will be a huge success for three primary reasons:

  1. Email is the Original Social Tool
    Email continues to be one of the top uses of the internet today. Google’s move to integrate Buzz with their email application means users that spend hours a day using email will inherently be exposed to Buzz features.
  2. Gmail’s Success
    As of August 2009, Gmail was the 3rd largest web mail service in the U.S. The release of Google Buzz will most assuredly increase Gmail’s market share.
  3. Mobile Integration
    Having all the features of Gmail integrated with Google Buzz is great. It’s even better on a mobile device. The geo-location features alone make Google Buzz’s mobile version one of the more robust mobile/social applications available.

What do you think? Will you enable Google Buzz features? How will this effect Twitter and/or Facebook?

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